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Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

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Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

The Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 was released in 1999 as the Walkman 20th Anniversary Edition. It was packed with the latest and greatest technology Sony had at that time. It still looks amazing today.

Some of the highlights are the eye like remote control, the magnesium alloy casing and the slot loading mechanism. In fact, this is the only portable CD player in the world that uses a slot loading. Other features include CD text, G-Protection that ensures skip free listening, MD Link that uses the D-EJ01 as a source for recording MiniDisc via an optical cable. With both the built-in battery and external battery case, the D-EJ01 can play your music for up to 62 hours!


* D-A conversion: 1-bit quartz time-axis control.

* Frequency Response: 20 ~ 20,000 Hz +1 -2 dB (measured by EIAJ CP-307)

* Output (at 4.5 Volt input level): Line output (stereo minijack) Output level 0.7 V rms at

47 kilohms. Recommended load impedance over 10 kilohms.

Headphones (stereo minijack) Approx. 15 mW + Approx. 15 mW at 16 ohms

Optical digital output (optical output connector) Output level: -21 ~ -15 dBm

Wavelength: 630 ~ 690 nm at peak level.

* Power Requirements: Two Sony NH-14WM rechargeable batteries: 2.4Volt DC.

Two LR6 (size AA) batteries: 3 Volt DC. AC power adaptor (DC IN 4.5 Volt jack)

Sony DCC-E245 car battery cord for use on car battery: 4.5 Volt DC.

* Battery Life (approx. hours): When you use the CD player on a flat and stable surface.

Playing time varies depending on how the CD player is used.

Two NH-14WM (charge for about 4 hours) Plays for approx. 25 hours.

Battery case (two alkaline batteries) - 40 hours.

Rechargeable batteries NH-14WM and battery case (two alkaline batteries) - 62 hours.

* Operating Temperature: 5C ~ 35C ( 41F~95F)

* Dimensions: Excluding projecting parts and controls.

Approx. 132mm Width x 19.5mm Height x 136mm Depth.

Approx. 5 1/4in Width x 25/32in Height x 5 3/8in Depth.

* Weight: Approx. 220 g 7.8oz excluding rechargeable batteries.


* AC power adaptor (1)

* Headphones/earphones with remote control (1)

* Rechargeable batteries (2)

* Battery carrying case (2)

* Carrying case (1)

* Battery case (1)

* AC plug adaptor (1)

Optional Accessories:

* AC power adaptor: AC-E45HG

* Active speaker system: SRS-Z1, SRS-Z1000

* Car battery cord: DCC-E245

* Car battery cord with car connecting pack: DCC-E26CP

* Connecting cord RK-G129HG, RK-G136HG

* Optical digital connecting cord: POC-5B, POC-10B, POC-15B, POC-5AB, POC-10AB, POC-15AB

* Rechargeable battery: NH-9WM

* Earphones: MDR-E888LP, MDR-EX70LP

Download User Guide:


Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

Sony CD Walkman D-EJ01 Portable CD Player

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